Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Lister Park in Bradford is about a 6 mile drive from leeds - Half hour drive.

We arrived midweek for 10am. Easy drive, not much traffic and loads of parking. You can park on North Road or as you pass the hall  on your right you turn in to the park and can park along the road there. It's free and SO easy to park. 

I had no idea what to expect at the park so my first impression was 'wow, this is really lovely!' We walked round the side of Cartwright Hall up to the main entrance. GORGEOUS!

 Lovely manicured gardens and stunning sculptures at the front.

We were going to the SQUASH and a SQUEEZE Exhibition inside the gallery - if you have pushchairs, go round the back there is a lift. I will do the exhibition seperate.

  • Lister Park is a lovely sized public park that can easily be covered in a day visit. 
  • There is a lovely Art Gallery with super nice and helpful staff - Toilets at the front entrance. Lifts available at the back of the building.
  • An adventure Play area - although the playground is obviously not brand new, there have been repairs and the play area itself was very clean.
  • A Boating Pavillion and Coffee Shop - next door to the adventure playground. Toilet available there. We went on a pedal boat ride - £5 for 2 people and a £1 for each extra person - sits up to 5 adults.
  • Mughal Water Gardens is a very peaceful area right next to the Art Gallery with water fountains and streams flowing into each other. There are ramps which the kids really enjoyed walking over.
  • The whole park is 100% pushchair accesible.
  • After the Boating Lake there is an absolutely gorgeous Botanical Gardens with lovely secret paths to excite my 3 year old. A geological trail and lots of informative signs.
  • A sensory Garden within the Botanical Garden was lots of fun trying to find all the different plants to touch and smell.
The gardens are so well kept and there was hardly any litter, really lovely place to spend the day. This was an amazing adventure friday destination which, doesn't need to cost very much at all!

5/5 for this lovely park and ART Gallery!


Here are a few photo's of our adventure...

Mughal Water Gardens

Children's Play Park

 On a peddalo on the Boating Pond
 Botanical Garden Trail

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