Friday, 7 February 2014

Adventure Friday 1 - Eureka

So... I'm hugely behind on adventure Fridays reports and I've only just started but this was our first adventure Friday this year a few weeks back.

WHERE: Eureka -National Children's Museum - Halifax - 17 miles from Leeds Town Hall.

WHO:  About 6 mums with their respective 2 / 3 year-olds and a 9 month old.

£10.95 an adult and children over 3. 
£3.75 for under 3s. 
You can then come back as many times within a year on the old ticket.
PARKING: £3 for 4 hours

Not really much to say on this one, their website is really clear and obviously being a children's museum it is perfect! Spacious and great to explore.

The staff are super friendly and overall a great feel to the whole museum.

Outside there is a fantastic outdoor play area with sand pit, and fun sensory path at the back of the museum.

Indoors for under 2s there are 2 small soft play areas and an under 5s creative play room which looks like a small early years classroom, so I quite like it there. There are fancy dress clothes, a reading corner,  water tray, light box and generally a craft going on on the main table.

Otherwise there are fantastic exhibitions both up and downstairs. 'A' loved the 'Our body' area and especially a robot tucked away in the corner very unassumingly (if that's a word?!).... IT talks! who knew! At one point there were 5 2 and 3 year olds singing baa baa black sheep to the robot. Definitely look out for that one. 

The cafe / restaurant does really good food. About £2.50 for a coffee, £4.50 for a kids lunch box, £5 for a sandwich, £6 for soup and a sandwich. As there are picnic areas here we tend to stick to that otherwise adventure days become quite expensive!!

I think if we were coming back - which we definitely will now that it's free entry for the next year, I won't try and rush round for 'A' to see different bits and just let her go wherever, she could quite happily have stayed in the pretend M&S store for an hour.

OK so... round up if we're giving stars:

Accessibility - 4 stars, parking right outside, train to the front door.
Suitability for under 5s - 5 stars - obviously! It's a kids museum!
Staff  - 4 stars, super friendly, helpful, could be found relatively easily.

Don't quite know what else to include? If anyone ever reads this maybe they could suggest what else would be helpful to know about these places.

Any done!

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