Friday, 7 February 2014

Adventure Friday 2 - Hawksworth Woods

So... If you go down to the woods today.... you're sure for a big surprise...
LOADS OF FUN that's what!!! 

If you have a look on the  Woodland Trust website
You can search for woodlands near you. I am aiming to go to most of the woods around leeds so will update all here.

WHERE:  Hawksworth Woods - Horsforth, Kirkstall  - 3 miles from leeds town hall.
WHO: 6 mommas, 7 2-and-3-year-olds, 2 9-month-olds

PARKING: You can park free on Hawksworth Road, there are entrances to the woods on both new road side and butcher hill.
Buses go passed both sides of the woods - 50, 33

The woods are long and narrow but really kid friendly. They're about a mile long so an easy one for walking and the paths are compact so you can take pushchairs in if you have really little ones. we like to go off piste a little so there was a lot of log and stone climbing.
Finding a den

Which way?

So... there was loads to do in the woods, we jumped in muddy puddles, I took empty plastic pots from the recycling with spoons and we scooped and emptied and scooped and emptied! 

It's difficult as a parent taking when you have good ideas that you want to share with your children, to step back and allow the journey that they need to have happen. So, armed with my massive folder of ideas I had to file them all away for this outing and played hide and seek and pretend cafes - pretending to eat steaks and pizzas. It was awesome!

 OK so... round up if we're giving stars:

Accessibility - 3 stars, FREE roadside parking, train about a mile and a half walk, loads of busses. Accessibility in the woods - great! pathways can travel with buggy.
Suitability for under 5s - 5 stars - obviously! It's nature!!!
Staff  - that'd be me... so I'm going 5 stars :-)

Happy adventuring!!!

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